We are delighted to note that, after four months of publication, our new website has received more than 4,000 visitors. While this is partly due to our website’s link to the JICC section of the Japanese Embassy’s website (www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp>culture), we, PHILAJAMES members, have no doubt also spread word about it. Please continue to do so. Our website is now also linked to the PHILFEJA section of the PJS website (www.philippinesjapansociety.com>philfeja). This will ensure our colleagues in other organizations can be updated on our events and affairs.

While information is important, the underlying messages we deliver, such as continuously pursuing professional development, building relationships with colleagues and peers, contributing to society, and participating in association activities with a willingness to share knowledge and volunteer time as officer, committee member or facilitator for special requirements, are equally, if not more, valuable. Many interested applicants for Japanese scholarships, as well as recipients currently completing their study and/or research in Japan, view our site and we definitely want them to succeed and join us. What kind of association will they find? Only we can help determine that but if we work enthusiastically and energetically together to achieve whatever desirable goals we set, PHILAJAMES can only be a better version of what it is today.

Editorial: Building Momentum

One thought on “Editorial: Building Momentum

  • February 20, 2021 at 12:55 PM

    I want to join this organization. I was a MONBUSHO Scholar last October ,1997-March ,2000.


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