PHILAJAMES held its 2019 General Assembly last January 26 at Kamay Kainan in Quezon City. JICC guests and members socialized and enjoyed the Filipino lunch buffet before the GA formally started with reports from outgoing Execom officers and other directors. NL Chapter Head Dr. Jojo Ramos came all the way from Baguio to give his reports. SL Chapter Head Dr. Lalet Tsuchiya shared a short presentation in memory of dedicated member Prof. Liza Carascal.

Association president Dr. Resty Collado started discussing by-law amendment suggestions but it soon became clear that more deliberations were needed. Discussions were thus extended for another year, and Atty. Tet Mahiwo agreed to stay on as counsel.

Atty. Mildred Romero, PHILAJAMES Foundation trustee, narrated the assistance the Foundation extended our Association with the help of some members. The Assembly met the announcement with gratitude and viewed further collaborations positively.

Elections were held with 1st VP Dr. Marloe Sundo at the helm, assisted by Dr. Lalet Tsuchiya and Dr. Neil Tan Gana. Nominees included Dr. Tsuchiya and Dr. Tan Gana from our SL Chapter and Ms. Lavi Penaverde, Dr. Nappy Navarra, Ms. Belinda Perez and Mrs. Malu Agad from NCR. The Assembly then voted with several members voting in behalf of lifetime or active members who could not attend the GA but had submitted their proxy vote authorization notices at least 24 hours before.

Votes were tabulated on the spot and the results showed the assembly heeded Mrs. Agad’s request for a break after serving the Association for the past three years. The winning nominees agreed to fulfill the responsibilities of the different executive positions as follows: Ms. Lavi Penaverde – president, Dr. Lalet Tsuchiya – 1st VP, Dr. Nappy Navarra – 2nd VP, Dr. Neil Tan Gana – secretary, and Ms. Belinda Perez – treasurer.

A mini raffle was held at the end of the GA with small items donated by Dr. Chi Tanzo, Dr. Lalet Tsuchiya and Ms. Belinda Perez as prizes.

Not everyone was able to join this photo op as others were at the buffet area.
PHILAJAMES members sampling dishes at the lunch buffet. The shown portion is not even half the length of the entire offering.
Everybody became quiet during the election.
2019, Jan. 26: General Assembly

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