Hon. Yoshiaki Miwa, the Consul of the Japanese Consular Office in Davao City, joined officers and members of PHILAJAMES-Mindanao in spreading holiday cheer at the Southern Mindanao Medical Center’s House of Hope last December 14, 2018. Association members shared their Japanese experiences, and taught the children a Japanese song and how to make a crane by folding paper origami-style. They also distributed school supplies in the spirit of gift-giving.

The House of Hope is a hospital-bound educational program (HBEP) that aims to give children undergoing cancer treatment a chance to keep a sense of identity and hope for the future. The HBEP was developed in recognition of the fundamental right of children to education and in accordance with our country’s Millennium Development Goals. The HBEP at the House of Hope is in partnership with Southern Philippines Medical Center, Davao Childrens’ Cancer Fund, Inc., University of Southeastern Philippines, Dumanlas Elementary School and BPI BAYAN. It is now on its sixth year and continuing with the support of civic-minded citizens and organizations.

Note: The Japanese consular office in Davao was upgraded to a consulate-general effective Jan. 1, 2019. As a consulate-general it can prepare its own budget.

PHILAJAMES-Mindanao Spreads Cheer and Hope

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