As an association of Filipino alumni of different Japanese universities PHILAJAMES faces the same challenges other alumni associations face. In 2017 Alumni Spaces surveyed 398 alumni groups and found that their top challenge was “Getting members to attend events” (chosen by 78% of the groups surveyed). The study notes “That is likely related to the fact that almost a quarter (22%) have trouble telling members about events, creating a cyclical challenge where members don’t attend activities they aren’t aware of.” We are no different.

Event announcements on our new website can reach more of our members than our small, closed group Facebook account or our even smaller Messenger chat group can. We still need to tell as many members we know about it though so please spread the word about We’ve gone through .net and .org so remember that our new domain name rhymes with ‘home.’

The Japanese Government’s scholarship program in the Philippines started in 1954. We have listed the names of the pioneer Filipino Monbusho scholars (1954 – 1971) in our MEMBERS section to show our appreciation for their paving the way for the thousands of us who followed. They received their scholarship before our association was founded in 1972. Today our membership comprises three generations.

As much as we need to mine and leverage the contributions of our daisempais, we need to grow our base by inducting new members. Together our potential to influence and act for positive change is tremendous so spread the word that we are calling on all our members to join hands with us.

Showing up at events is important but in a digital world presence need not be face to face and interactions need not be simultaneous. We may be geographically dispersed with busy, conflicting schedules but we have online tools for communicating and collaborating. Let’s use them. We can start by posting, tweeting, surfing and linking to enjoin as many members as we can to get onboard.

So go, spread the word, and remember: (home).

Editorial: Spread the Word

2 thoughts on “Editorial: Spread the Word

  • November 1, 2018 at 3:54 AM

    I’m so happy and proud that we have our own web page now. This is easier to visit than the closed group in Facebook. Congratulations to the initiators and people behind this project! All members should connect and interact using this portal.

    Ronald Edilberto Alvero Ona PhD
    Tsukuba University
    M.Sc. Environmental Science class of 2000

    • November 6, 2018 at 2:59 AM

      Getting together easily is one of our goals and we are pleased to know our website helps. Support from both sempais and co-members, as well as from JICC, made our new website possible.


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